OpenVPN Docker

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how to install and run an OpenVPN docker container. Clone Github Docker repo written by Kylemanna. git clone Now Build the Docker image cd docker-openvpn/ docker build -t myownvpn . Now create a folder to store your configuration files. cd...Read more

Working With Sequelize

About Sequelize It is a promise-based NodeJS ORM for connecting with various databases like SQLite, MySQL, Postgre, etc. In this blog post we will focus on models and seeders only. npm i sequelize About Sequelize CLI It is a command line tool for generating files, seeding records in database, etc. npm...Read more

Form Field Validation in NodeJS using Middleware

In this blog we are going to discuss about the form field validation in NodeJS using express middleware. Why to use middleware ? There are several ways to validate the form fields in NodeJS but middleware is also on the best, simple and effective way to validate the form fields....Read more

10 Most Important Status Code for websites

In this blog we are going to discuss 10 most important status codes that every developer should use while developing any website / web application. 1- OK ( 200 ) This response code indicates that the website is performing normal/smooth. The resource requested from the server has been fetched and...Read more

Integration Testing with NodeJS

We are going to Test the Route life cycle in NodeJS using mocha. If you want to know how to test NodeJS application when a particular route is requested using the browser / API calls then you can continue with this post. This post will give you a basic idea...Read more

Environment Variables Do’s and Don’t

What are Environment Variables ? These are the variables that play an important role in the configuration of any application/program. They are just like normal variables, a key-value pair. Also, they contain critical pieces of information. So Why to use Environment Variables ? As said earlier, they help in configuration,...Read more

JSON Web Tokens with Asymmetric Keys

JSON Web Tokens offer a simple and powerful way to generate tokens for APIs which can be consumed during communication from frontend applications, mobile devices, IOT devices or even from other server communication i.e server to server communication. These tokens carry a payload that is cryptographically signed. While the payload...Read more

PHP Output Buffering

Typically PHP page sends the information back to the user once it completes its processing and the final output generated by it. But there are certain scenarios where we require to display the intermediate processing to the user or we can say there are the cases when PHP outputs are...Read more

Sequelize NodeJS CRUD

We are going to discuss CRUD operations namely create, read, update, and delete on a database resource in NodeJS application. Node.js is an open-sourced, free, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment for server-side scripting.  Application Environment ? We are using the express framework in NodeJS. Along with we are using sequelize to...Read more