Build and Deploy Angular Apps using Codepipeline

Let’s discuss the build and deploy an Angular application using the AWS code pipeline. Create Buildspec.yaml First create the “buildspec.yaml” file in the root directory of the angular application. Create AWS Codepipeline Now create AWS Codepipeline by following the below screenshots Create Project (if not exists) Choose Deploy Provider Then...Read more

Working with AWS S3 CLI

Create new bucket aws s3 mb s3://<your_bucket_name> --region <region_name> Remove Existing Buckets aws s3 rb s3://<your_bucket_name> --force List Command aws s3 ls s3://<your_bucket_name> --recursive Copy from Local to S3 Bucket aws s3 cp /<local_path>/ s3://<your_bucket_name> --recursive Copy from S3 Bucket to Local aws s3 cp s3://<your_bucket_name>/ /<local_path>/ --recursive Remove File...Read more

Push Your Docker Image on Amazon Container Services

In this blog post we are going to discuss on how to deploy your image on AWS ECR, which is managed container service by Amazon Web Services. Please follow the step to upload your docker image to AWS ECR Create ECR Repository Your Repository has been created successfully. Now you...Read more