In this blog post I will discuss hot to create your own Google Chrome Extension and how to load your developed code into chrome to work.

What Extension Code consists of?

Your chrome extension code mainly consists of HTML, CSS and Javascript files where your external javascript file is linked with the HTML page.

Entry point of chrome Extension

manifest.json is the entry file for every chrome extension


Here permission defines what type of permission do you expect from your browser. Icons has three category i.e 128 x 128 px, 48 x 48 px, 16 x 16 px. And at last browser_action defines your default html page (entry point).


Here jQuery is the common jQuery provided file, for advance capability.

And popup.js is the custom file.


Load extension. Go to chrome

To load your newly create extension, go to chrome extension tab then enable developer mode then Load unpacked button.

Your newly created extension is now ready to use.

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