JSON Web Tokens with Asymmetric Keys

JSON Web Tokens offer a simple and powerful way to generate tokens for APIs which can be consumed during communication from frontend applications, mobile devices, IOT devices or even from other server communication i.e server to server communication. These tokens carry a payload that is cryptographically signed. While the payload...Read more

PHP Output Buffering

Typically PHP page sends the information back to the user once it completes its processing and the final output generated by it. But there are certain scenarios where we require to display the intermediate processing to the user or we can say there are the cases when PHP outputs are...Read more

Sequelize NodeJS CRUD

We are going to discuss CRUD operations namely create, read, update, and delete on a database resource in NodeJS application. Node.js is an open-sourced, free, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment for server-side scripting.  Application Environment ? We are using the express framework in NodeJS. Along with we are using sequelize to...Read more